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LSC joins the Made In Australia license scheme

LSC joins the Made In Australia license scheme Main Image

LSC is proud to continue our 40 year tradition of making entertainment control products in Australia.

Whilst LSC has always manufactured all of our products in Australia, many of our customers are not aware of this fact. Unlike all of our major competitors who manufacture offshore, LSC still continue to make all our products locally, using locally sourced components wherever possible.

The Made in Australia campaign is a nationally recognised logo that is independently audited to ensure that only manufacturers who actually make their products locally are licensed to use the iconic logo. After many months of application, interviews, documentation and compliance checks, we are licensed to use the green and gold logo. This logo ensures that the LSC products you buy are not only designed and manufactured in Australia, but also that the majority of the raw materials and labour are also locally sourced.

Stay tuned for more information in the coming months.