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APS powers MartiniPlaza in the Netherlands

APS powers MartiniPlaza in the Netherlands  Main Image

The MartiniPlaza in the northern province of Groningen in the Netherlands is a local icon for multiple sports and boasts a 6000-seat capacity. Basketball, volleyball, and korfball are among the sports played there, as well as trade shows and concerts. Its very frequent and versatile usage called for an equally versatile lighting design when the technical team were looking to upgrade.

Along with the team at Fairlight the technical team at the MartiniPlaza had a complete redesign to consider, including the removal of the ceiling catwalks to increase the roof rigging capacity for trade events. The catwalks, a requirement for both the maintenance of the older halogen house lighting and previous cable infrastructure, meant power distribution also had to be revisited.

Original PAR fixtures were replaced with modern, colour changing LED fixtures which provide suitable white light for “exhibition mode”, colour theming for entertainment during halftime breaks, and lower levels for concerts. The sports lighting was also replaced to achieve the high illuminance required for professional sports.

The LSC APS Power Distribution system was selected due to its wide functionality and flexibility. The units are part of the lighting DMX network to allow for central operation of the above-mentioned lighting features; the manager on the day just needs to press a relevant button and the APS takes care of the staggered start-up.

“We don't have to go to the technical room when starting up and shutting down. In addition, almost all luminaires can be switched in small groups, whatever the setup requirement we have for the day” outlined Wybe Berkepas of the MartiniPlaza.

Along with the energy efficient fixtures, the APS provides huge power savings, and longer life of your fixtures, video walls and other power devices can be achieved with desired power downs, limiting wasted standby power.