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DMX/RDM Data Splitters

The comprehensive range of MDR professional DMX512/RDM data splitters deliver industry-best protection, providing correct DMX512 earth isolation and data integrity. What else would you expect from the company who helped write the DMX512 standard?


Problem solvers

Inconsistent and erratic DMX512 can cause headaches on any show and depending on complexity, take hours to fault find. Overcome this frustrating downtime by installing MDR splitters to help eliminate potential earth problems and poor data quality. If something goes amiss down-line, then the MDR is short-circuit protected to isolate the fault from other equipment also connected to the splitter.

Versatility plus

A choice of 19" rackmount or portable housing configurations; 5-way or 10-way outputs; XLR-style connectors or RJ45s; IEC or powerCON power input connectors and 19" cabinet-mounting, truss-mounting, handrail-mounting or even wall-mounting make the MDR the most versatile range of professional DMX512/RDM data splitters on the market.

Future Proofed

Use the MDR as a DMX512 splitter today and then utilise Remote Device Management (RDM) protocol when you need it. RDM is integral to the MDR splitter so feel comfortable that your DMX512 splitter is seamlessly capable of advanced communication technologies when required. Similarly, the 5-way rackmount MDRs are field-upgradeable with a further five outputs, supplying 10 isolated outputs when needed.

Maximum Protection

All outputs are galvanically isolated from each other. EMI filtered and current-limited to protect against short circuits.The input is galvanically isolated from all outputs to 1500V. The MDR is simple and cost-effective insurance to protect your more expensive equipment connected within the DMX512/RDM network.




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