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Mantra Mini

What you imagine, you create

A brilliant little playback unit with unparalleled features for control of conventional and intelligent lighting. Ideal for static displays, exterior building and visual display lighting, house and foyer lights and trade exhibitions.


Playback controller

Replay any show programmed by a Mantra Lite console or the Mantra offline editor with full programmable start and finish times. Controls up to 48 fixtures across two DMX Universes and stores up to 1000 shows in internal memory. Live console override allows any DMX lighting console to bypass the Mantra Mini during a live show.


Designed for permanent installs, the Mantra Mini is housed in a 9-module wide, DINrail plastic housing. Utilising solid-state components, the Mantra Mini can be housed in tight situations such as locked equipment cabinets without the risk of overheating. Power can be supplied via PoE or by an external power source. Sensational performance from such a compact unit!

Astronomical clock

Great tool for automatic calculation of sunrise and sunset with configurable daylight saving time to switch venue lights on or off. Programmable time offset allows a user to switch lights on (e.g. sunset plus 30 minutes) and lights off (e.g. sunrise less one hour). Also ideal for programming venue or shop window lights to switch on at opening times and off at closing times.

Remote control

Wi-Fi access point built-in for system configuration and editing via Mantra offline software. Stored memories can be recalled via remote wall plates or triggering over Ethernet via UDP and OSC. Three voltage-free contact closure trigger inputs are available for fire, emergency or playing cues. System configuration, monitoring and full logging is possible via LSC’s Houston X software or via RDM.

Live Console Override

The Mantra Mini can be configured so that when incoming DMX, Art-Net or sACN is received from any 3rd party lighting console, that console automatically takes control of the Mantra Mini outputs. No need for manual patching - the Mantra Mini looks after this task automatically, smoothly fading between the internal playback engine and the live console.


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