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LED Drive Technology

LDT was designed to provide professional, theatre-quality dimming through dimmable LED globes, suitable for retrofit installations and new fit-outs. LDT uses patented LED Drive Technology that improves control of dimmable LED globes.


6 or 12 channel options

LDT Dimmers are available in either a 6 or 12 channel version with a 10A MCB or RCBO option per channel. 

LED or conventional dimming per channel

Each channel can be selected individually to drive an output of a LED lamp or a conventional fixture.

Replacing your existing tungsten fixtures for new LED fixtures can create many issues when trying to dim LEDs with conventional dimmers. The complex load of the LEDs will cause most dimmers to misfire and cause erratic flickering of the fixtures especially at lower levels. LDT addresses these issues by utilising patented technologies, allowing the majority of LEDs to dim just like conventional fixtures.

Perfect for theatre foyer lighting, cinemas, museums and public buildings.

3-phase or 1-phase power input

The power input can be either 3-phase 380-415VAC or 1-phase 235VAC. Idea for smaller venues or wherever 3-phase power isn't available.

Wall plate options

Optional remote button wall plates are available to recall dimmer memories from the LDT



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