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Flexible Patching

Module-based, 240V patch bay system, complementing the REDBACK wallmount dimmers, providing a scalable solution to expanding venues. Add extra circuits when required and as funds permit – all in-house upgradeable. Flexibility extraordinaire!



The most compact patch panel system available on the market today – with its unique and clever design, it does not compromise on usability. The slimline construction makes it ideal for mounting in small equipment rooms, on catwalks or backstage areas. When the cables are not in use, they are neatly arranged to avoid a potential trip hazard.


Install what you need today but rest assured that as your requirements expand, adding extra circuits to your patch panel will be a breeze. Each additional patch module provides 12 circuits in a compact 1RU high panel that is easily installed into a mounting frame (as long as expansion has been allowed for). Buy for now, plan for the future!

Easy install

Terminating multiple circuits in a tight space is an electrician’s nightmare. We don’t like nightmares either, so we have designed a unique interlocking lip on each 12-circuit patch module. It holds the module to be terminated at an angle exposing the terminating strip right in front of the electrician’s fingertips.

Test module

The fully equipped test module can electrically test any dimmer circuit, measure load capacity connected on each lamp circuit and includes overload indicators and essential circuit protection. A front panel connector for a LED gooseneck light provides useful light output for a safe working environment. The module can be included at the factory or retrofitted to the patch panel after installation.


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