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Simply Easy

An industry stalwart, the MINIM is the perfect tool for effortless lighting control in both pre-programmed and live modes of operation. Attractively styled and utilising the familiar programming and playback system on all LSC consoles, the MINIM is ideal for clubs, bars, small theatres, places of worship and equipment rental outlets.



Don’t let its size fool you – with three pages of 12 playbacks plus a grab master, the MINIM allows you to record up to 37 scenes with individual fade in/out times plus cross-fade; 37 chases with variable speed and each with up to 24 steps and 24 individual preset faders with their own flash/assign button. Up to 13 chases can be run simultaneously. Memories can be previewed and edited on the fly, making the MINIM an excellent busking console.

Internal PSU

No nuisance external power supplies here, the MINIM has an integrated switchmode power supply that can be factory-selected for 110V or 240V operation. Power input is by a rear panel mounted, industry-standard IEC connector and a power cable is supplied with the console.


Based on years of industry experience, LSC has adopted a design philosophy to only provide robust quality components in its products, particularly in the user-interface area of switches, faders, connectors and visual indicators. This ensures a solid, reliable experience for the user/owner of the products but also minimises LSC after-sales service and maintenance commitments. The MINIM utilises the same proven faders, switches and connectors as found on its more expensive peers – no compromise on quality ensures the show will always go on.

Bass Step Chase

A fantastic facility for the triggered synchronisation of recorded chase(s) steps with the regular repetitive bass beat of an audio source. A rotary fader is also included to adjust the sensitivity to match the strength of the incoming signal. Once synced, the MINIM will advance through the recorded chase steps in line with the bass beat.


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