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Your Mission Control

HOUSTON X is the glue that binds the entire LSC Pro Range together. HOUSTON X is a monitoring and remote configuration tool that works with APS, GEN VI, MDR-DIN, LED-CV4, Mantra Mini, UNITOUR and UNITY.


Big brother is watching

Giving you the absolute authority to interrogate, monitor and instantly change parameters of connected products, HOUSTON X is the central overseer of your venue’s equipment. Quickly locate and isolate faults, monitor temperatures, phase loadings, change a channel from dimmer to power-switching mode (TruPower), save or recall show configurations – all from one central location or remotely via internet.

Faster configuration

The spreadsheet-style user interface of HOUSTON X allows faster configuration of devices. Drag down a column to select a range of channels, then use a single mouse click to change the curve, set the mode or patch a DMX address.

Advanced feature access

Some LSC products have additional functionality enabled when licensed to operate with HOUSTON X. The GEN VI dimmers have additional dimmer curves, as well as one-click mode setting to set the unit to TruPower and AutoPower in one operation. The LED-CV4 allows 8-bit or 16-bit mode selection, as well as power limits and fade curves. The APS provides one-click mode selection for on/off/auto power/DMX control. All products allow the individual channels to be named for easy identification.


Designed to run on Windows and Mac platforms today, HOUSTON X will provide the added convenience of mobile technology by supporting Android and iOS tablets in the future. Carry your device with you and be alerted immediately when a fault occurs. Set or change parameters of the rig whilst you are on stage during rehearsals. No need to be hardwired connected!

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