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Ethernet/DMX Converters

Much more than a standard DMX512 to Ethernet converter, the NEXUS range of both 1-port and 5-port interfaces is a problem solver for those weird and wonderful configurations required in today’s demanding and complex shows.



No need for multiple units to do many tasks, NEXUS is capable of being an Ethernet converter, an RDM splitter, a handy merge unit, a back-up unit and a conduit for transmitting/receiving many protocols. Available in a compact 1-port module that is at home in a distributed network or in a 5-port chassis suitable as a central hub in large networks – NEXUS is truly adaptable for most set-ups.

Multiple protocols

Able to support Art-Net (a royalty-free communications protocol), ShowNet (Strand Lighting broadcast protocol) and Streaming Architecture Control Network (sACN) over Ethernet and then convert to DMX512A and Remote Device Management (RDM) signals. NEXUS does all you want and probably more!


Can be used as a backup switch for multiple lighting controllers connected to NEXUS, plus as an Art-Net or DMX512 backup unit – when a special input is activated if the selected main input signal is not present. A great safeguard for complex set-ups, where the show must go on – no matter what happens!

Free software

The NexLan software is a free download and is used to configure and monitor NEXUS products within a network. Ideal for initial configuration of the NEXUS ports but equally useful in monitoring the system and controlling and testing any lighting fixture without a console. RDM compatible, it can discover and configure any RDM device in a lighting rig. Windows and IOS versions are available.

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