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Simple Power Distribution

A show cannot function without reliable power and consequently power distribution has grown to be an integral part of any event. Simple and quick set-up of power distribution is handled effortlessly by the PowerPoint, delivering reliability at an affordable price.



Residual Current circuit Breaker with Overcurrent protection (RCBO) devices are used to combine protection against current overload and short circuits and protection against earth leakage currents. Essentially, they protect connected loads and prevent users from receiving a life-threatening shock. Standard on all LSC power products.

Main isolator

A front panel mounted 4-pole mains input isolator switch with neutral disconnect as standard provides easy access for quick isolation for the PowerPoint when required. Three large neons indicating live power present for each phase give the visual OK at a distance.

Versatility plus

There is a choice of circuit output capacity, number of circuits per unit, output connector styles and 3-phase or single-phase operation. The PowerPoint is at home as a 19" rackmount module in portable flight cases or touring frames; or permanently installed in equipment racks – versatility plus for any situation!


Utilising the same proven mechanical chassis as LSC’s premier products such as the APS power distribution unit, GEN VI and RED3 dimmers; the PowerPoint is built to the same exacting standards ensuring great consistent performance when you need it, time after time.

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