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REDBACK Wallmount

Simple Power and Dimming

A compact, slimline, economic dimmer range, the REDBACK Wallmount provides an unprecedented level of build-quality and features designed to make your life easier, particularly in today’s more complex world.


Dimmer bypass

Each output channel is fitted with a mechanical bypass switch that enables the user to manually switch any channel(s) to bypass the internal dimming circuitry and be permanently powered with direct 240V supply. This allows the REDBACK Wallmount range to selectively power non-dimmable fixtures such as DMX-controlled LED fixtures, moving lights, audio equipment, video screens and smoke machines.


Flexibility is the question and modularity is the answer. To cover most applications, LSC has designed an innovative modular construction of the REDBACK Wallmount. Although available in 6-channel, 12-channel and 24-channel housings, the outputs have a choice of 6-channel dimmer modules or 6-channel relay output modules with either front-panel output connectors or internally wired terminal blocks.

Virtual faders

The clever user interface has an option for connecting a virtual fader to each output, allowing the user to set the level on the touchscreen LCD display without the need of an external controller being connected. For channels selected as non-dim, the virtual fader is replaced by a virtual on/off switch. So easy to set up static displays, internal memories or use as a local stage light focus unit.

Remote control

In addition to the standard DMX512-A input for lighting controllers, the REDBACK Wallmount has the capability to store up to six internal scenes that can be replayed via the LCD user interface or by the connection of push-button remote plates. Up to four remote plates can be directly connected enabling instant access to the stored scenes – great for situations where access is required by untrained operators.


Current Control Technology is used extensively through the entire LSC dimmer range and is designed to prevent cold lamp inrush currents nuisance-tripping the output circuit breakers. This is cleverly achieved via software algorithms detecting when a circuit breaker is cold and smoothing out the inrush shock when a large load is suddenly applied.

Touch control

A key element for a user-friendly controller, is the ability to quickly access any of the key functions within the menu system. The use of a colour LCD with touchscreen has proven its worth, giving fast and highly visual access to setting the DMX address, dimmer curves, minimum and maximum voltage levels per channel, full Softpatch, creating and editing scenes and the testing of output channels.


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