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Flexible Ethernet/DMX Cabling Systems

A smart selection of DMX512 and Ethernet pluggable connector ports that connect to a Cat5/6 cabling backbone allowing extremely fast and reliable installation. Connector ports can be mounted in wall-mount plates or equipment rack patch panels designed for A-Series XLR connectors.


Mix and match

A series of clever connector modules that are RJ45 pluggable that fit into 19" 1RU rack-mount patch panels and a series of one, two or four-port remote location standard sized (Clipsal series 2000) wall plates. Ethernet connectors, female or male DMX512 connectors are available to build the system you need and can easily be modified when system requirements change.


Although DMX512 is prevalent today, Ethernet is becoming the norm to send large packets of lighting information around a venue. The DNA system is future-proofed – install with DMX512 connector modules now and upgrade later by interchanging them to Ethernet connector modules as requirements dictate.

Simplified cabling

The DNA system works with both UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair) and STP (Shielded Twisted Pair) Cat5/6 cabling so installation from the central “home” location to each remote point is via RJ45 terminations. Each Cat5/6 run can carry either 1 x Ethernet port or 1 or 2 DMX512 Universes. At the home location, 1RU patch panels are used, fitted with DMX and/or Ethernet connector modules that can be patched to Ethernet switches or DMX512 splitters.

Proven pedigree

LSC has been at the forefront of DMX512 since its inception, being one of the original authors of the industry-standard protocol. As the entertainment industry has matured and the need to transfer larger amounts of lighting control data has evolved, LSC has been there developing a great number of world-first products along the way. Reliability, durability and useability – confidence plus!

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