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Simple Power Dimming

The RED3 rackmount entry-level dimmer can be controlled by any DMX512 lighting controller. A clever built-in colour TFT screen provides quick access to most functions and allows stand-alone operation without a controller being connected.


Son of Redwall

Born from the successful REDBACK wallmount series of dimmers, the RED3 adopts the reliable dimmer control circuitry and popular user interface module and packs it into a 3RU high 19" rackmount chassis ideal for portable or permanent installations. A choice of rear panel mount output connectors makes the RED3 ideal for most applications.


Current Control Technology is used extensively through the entire LSC dimmer range and is designed to prevent cold lamp inrush currents nuisance tripping the output circuit breakers. This is cleverly achieved via software algorithms detecting when a circuit breaker is cold and smoothing out the inrush shock when a large load is suddenly applied.

Rigger’s control

Easy to set up rigger’s control allows any channel to be driven directly from the front panel of the dimmer, without the need of a lighting console. The levels in the rigger’s control are saved for retrieval at power-on, allowing the dimmer to be turned off and then return to the same levels when next powered-up, making it ideal for small tradeshow stands and stand-alone events. The rigger’s control includes six chases.

Keep cool

With a dimmer engine that is 100% duty cycle rated at 10A per channel with all channels fully loaded, keeping the beast cool is paramount. A unique aluminium heat sink and cooling chimney dissipates most of the heat energy with the aid of a low-noise fan existing hot air from the side of the chassis. No more annoying hot air expelled from the front and rear panel vents!

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