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Gruppe20 chooses power assurance from LSC Control Systems

Gruppe20 chooses power assurance from LSC Control Systems Main Image

Germany – One of Germany’s leading event production companies, gruppe20, has invested in a UNITOUR power supply system from renowned Australian manufacturer LSC Control Systems, in order to provide maximum control over its power management capabilities.
The Augsburg-based company, which purchased the systems through LSC’s exclusive distributor for Germany, LMP Lichttechnik, will be using them to power audio, video and lighting systems across the German market, in all types of production, including events, touring, film and television.
LSC’s UNITOUR is their premium portable power solution for the broad range of equipment - LED walls, audio, moving lights and AV hardware - used in entertainment production. The 24 or 48-channel modular system can be fitted with power switching modules for audio and video, or with dual-mode TruPower dim/switch modules for lighting. As well as the module flexibility, each channel can also be separately configured as a power supply, switch pack or dimmer. Not only can a broad range of equipment be powered, but both LED fixtures and conventional lighting can be dimmed from the same system.
And, as always with LSC equipment, safety for both the operator and the connected equipment is paramount. Protective features include RCBOs (combined miniature circuit breakers/residual current circuit breakers) per channel, which in the event of overcurrent or a residual current/earth fault, immediately disable the problem channel - not the entire module. Over- and undervoltage monitoring ensures the channel switches off in the event of an error, such as a loss of neutral, giving the utmost peace of mind for the user.
gruppe20 first encountered the UNITOUR system on the stand of LMP Lichttechnik at the Prolight + Sound exhibition in Frankfurt last year. After a shootout, the company made the decision to invest in a 48-channel UNITOUR system with individual RCBOs per channel, a hot patch field and the flexible option to switch between power supply and dimmer.
Klaus Mayer, managing director of gruppe20, says, “The system will help us to be even more secure in dealing with our power supply in the long term and also offers a maximum of flexibility and control. If we now need additional dimmer channels, we no longer have to carry a separate dimmer cabinet along with peripherals, which makes working very convenient.”
The UNITOUR system was used for the first time on 3-4 December 2022 at the Power Days events with Jürgen Höller. In February, the system will go on Roland Kaiser’s arena tour. “So far, we are very satisfied with the UNITOUR system,” says Mayer.